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With the deployment of thousands of Filipino skilled workers to prestigious companies in Asia, the Middle East and North America, First Champion & International Entertainment Inc. is a consistent awardee of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as Top performer for the year 2003 and 2005. Numbers tell the scale of our business, but what our clients find most important about us is our personal service.

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Welcome to First Champion and International Entertainment Inc

The company traces its roots to its mother company, JS Contractor Inc. (JSCI), a Philippine Recruitment Company established since 1979. As a subsidiary company of JSCI we were known as First Class & Professional Human Resources Inc. (FCPHR), licensed POEA in 2001.

FCPHR was engaged in the recruitment of skilled workers for electronic and semiconductor companies in Taiwan. Over the succeeding years, FCPHR increased its recruitment to provide entertainers, talents, singers and bands to hotels, restaurants and outlets in the Middle East and Asia. Under the dynamic leadership of its CEO, Mr. Jackson T. Gan, the company gained international recognition, as being the only Philippine recruitment company featured in the NEW YORK TIMES Magazine (May 2005) and the READERS DIGEST (July 2006)

By late 2006, the changing business climate and the increasing demand for professionals and skilled workers has spurred the company to re-organize as First Champion & International Entertainment Inc. As FCIE, the company covers a wider spectrum of skills and destinations for overseas employment of Filipino Workers. .

# Positions Location Closing Date
1.PASTRY HELPERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
2.COST ACCOUNTANTKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
3.FLS COORDINATORKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
4.PUBLIC AREA ATTENDANTKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
5.F&B RESERVATION AGENTKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
6.AUDIO VISUAL ENGINEERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
7.AIRCON TECHNICIANKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
8.ROOM ATTENDANTKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
9.CHEF DE PARTIESKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
10.AUDIO VIDEO SUPPORT ENGINEERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
11.HVAC ENGINEERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
12.ORDER TAKER - LAUNDRYKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
13.WAITERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
14.ELECTRO MECHANICAL ENGINEERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
15.ELECTRICIANKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
16.FLOOR SUPERVISORKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
17.CLUB LOUNGE ATTENDANTKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
18.EXECUTIVE SECRETARYKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
19.ENGINEERUNG SUPERVISORKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
20.BELL CAPTAINKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
21.CAPTAIN WAITERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 04/30/2017
22.CHEMICAL ANALYSTKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
23.ELECTRICIANKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
24.LABORERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
25.LABORATORY TECHNICIANKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
26.CARPENTERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
28.SAFETY OFFICERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
29.PHYSIOTHERAPIST (MALE & FEMALE)Bahrain 03/31/2017
30.INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
31.ASPHALT PAVER OPERATORKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
32.FACTORY WORKERTaiwan03/31/2017
33.PAYROLL OFFICERKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
34.QA/QC ENGINEER - MECHANICAL/ CIVILKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
35.MASSAGE THERAPIST (MALE & FEMALE)Bahrain 03/31/2017
36.SCAFFOLDING SUPERVISORKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
37.ROAD / CIVIL FOREMANKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017
38.FACTORY WORKERTaiwan03/31/2017
39.SECRETARYKingdom Of Saudi Arabia 03/31/2017

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